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Swimming Hole Essentials

BeachPlanning on visiting the swimming hole this holiday weekend? Here’s some great gear perfect for your outing.

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(our citronella lantern made the list)

On the Road Again

OrizabaAfter Eric stopped by this week at Wisconsin Pharmacal he’s on the road again. Catch him while you can before he’s off to the North Pole doing his Last North expedition in the spring.

1. Orizaba: SUCCESS! Here are a few images from the climb.

2. Upcoming Events:

3. Recent Articles:  Wenger Blog

Check back for more updates and news about Eric Larsen, Repellents and First Aid.

Hi, from Eric on Orizaba

Here’s Eric’s latest post from his trip up Orizaba.

Screenshot 2013-11-18 16.36.44Day 5: Going up!
Posted November 17, 2013 @ 8:47pm

After a few days on the mountain, I have become ann amateur expert on Orizaba weather. It goes something like this: sun, overcast, sun, overcast, snow, clear, cloudy and clear again. Needless to say, if you don’t like the current weather just wait a few minutes. I hit the tail early hoping to get to high camp before the sun got too high and hot (during the sunny period of weather. I made steady progress stopping only a couple times along the way. By the time I reached our tent, I was hiking in just a short sleeve shirt! Of course, the cloudy weather rolled in and a few minutes later I was in all my layers. I set up our second tent while I waited for Ryan and the rest of the team then crawled in and relaxed for nearly an hour. I brought up a bag of potato chips and it felt more like I was at home than at 15,000′. I am amazed at the similarities between this area and the Cascades in Washington state. Big volcanoes tower above the surrounding landscape. It make sense after all, the Pacific plate is ramming into North America all along the west coast from where I sit now all the way to Alaska. Interestingly however, Orizaba is 4,000′ taller than its cousins in California and Washington. I had a nice inReach SE conversation with Chip from DeLorme and his family. It was fun to text across thousands of miles. Now, its dinner, sleep and a 3 am departure for Orizaba’s summit. Image: Our high camp home!

Screenshot 2013-11-18 16.37.45

Where’s Eric this week?

Polar adventurer Eric Larsen is having a fun filled fall. (Which today feels like mid-winter in Wisconsin with a high of 34°)

Keep up on his travels online or try to catch up with him in person at an event.

Looks like a Coleman First Aid Personal Survival Tin will be going on the Orizaba climb.

Looks like a Coleman First Aid Personal Survival Tin will be going on the Orizaba climb.

1. Going up? I’m, this is Eric, leaving on Wednesday, yesterday, to Mexico to climb Orizaba (3rd tallest peak in North America). It’s mostly a fun photography trip, but I did partner up with Big City Mountaineers to help fundraise for their program. You can find out more information/donate here (and snag some Yaktrax swag)

I’ll be updating social media during the trip.

2. I’ve got something to say! My next public presentation is on 11/24 in conjunction with Midwest Mountaineering’s Winter Expo (in Minneapolis, MN).

3. AND then there is this video from NYC…

Screenshot 2013-11-13 11.26.214. Extra, extra read all about it!

I’m in the news




5. Got inReach? I’m working with DeLorme promoting their 2-way satellite-tracking beacon. If you activate your DeLorme inReach in November or December, you’ll get two months free airtime. It’s a sweet deal. Find out more here.

But who could forget: WINTER IS COMING! So… Think Snow!


Polar Adventurer Eric Larsen Heads to the North Pole on his Next Record-Breaking Expedition

Eric-Larsen-new-exopeditionLarsen Begins Preparation for Upcoming Arctic Ocean Traverse Which Could be the Last Geographic North Pole Expedition in History

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Mosquitoes known to carry dengue, yellow fever seen in California

Oct 30 (Reuters) – A tropical mosquito known to carry potentially fatal diseases such as dengue and yellow fever has been detected in California, raising concerns among public health officials and prompting intense efforts to eradicate the insect.

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